Transition Planning

Whether you just want to free yourself from unpleasant work, step back from day-to-day chores, or pave the way for your kids to take leadership roles, you probably know how challenging it is to accomplish change and make it stick. As a business owner, you hope that your business is worth its full value and that someday you'll be able to take that value out of the business.


Important Facts

      1. Your business is probably your largest single asset, representing 50-75% of your net worth;
      2. The value of your business is not obvious or easy to determine; 2/3 of business owners don’t know;
      3. You probably do not have a Transition Plan; 85% of business owners don't.

Yet, you have commitments

to your family and key employees and will eventually need to monetize the investment in your business. You can't be Superman forever... we all slow down eventually.


Are you ready?

Rate yourself from 1

to 5 on the statements below (1 being the lowest)

      1. My company can run just fine without me.

      2. If anything happens to me, my heirs are ready to take over.

      3. I'd like to keep doing this for the next 10 years.

      4. My company is perfectly positioned for the next 5 years.

      5. I know what to do to maximize the value of my business.

      6. I know exactly what my business is worth to a buyer today.

      7. I have a well thought out plan for stepping back from or exiting my business.

      8. I could easily sell my business for what I think it’s worth.

Congratulations! If you rated a 5 on each statement, you (and your business) are ready for transition.


We can help

Transition is a process, not an event. And, we treat it that way by working with you at the pace and scale you find comfortable… in small bite-size segments with no long-term commitment. With our “start-to-finish” support, you’ll be able to focus on your business to increase profits, maximize value and protect your investment. We know how to enhance the value of your business and make it apparent to a potential successor, investor or buyer (we can help). Bill Berger (Bill's bio) and I will be pleased to meet over coffee, we'll buy.